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A new blog is born

Wonka: Oh, you have a blog now. You must have so many stories to tell!

Okay, so I finally found time to build this new blog :) I finally got rid of all that crappy blog software written in PHP and used Hakyll, a static page generator written in Haskell, to create it. Who is interested in the code used to generate these pages can find it on http://git.universe-factory.net/blog.universe-factory.net/.

Those who know me will already have guessed what I plan to post on this blog: information about the development of my various Open Source projects; Anime, Manga and Japanese in general; Metal Music; Art; and all other kinds of geeky stuff :D

As this page is statically generated, there won’t be a comment section. Contact information will follow soon, so if you have something to tell me, you can just tell me by other means then :)

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